Top 10 Money-Saving Energy Efficiency Gadgets

With many families struggling to pay their bills, energy efficiency in the home has never been so important. Whether you’re looking to cut down costs, save energy or do your bit for the environment, these useful devices offer a smart way to make a difference to both your energy consumption and your bank balance.


1) Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

As well as burning brighter, eco-friendly light bulbs use up to 75% less energy than traditional bulbs, which equates to a saving of roughly £3 per bulb, per year. If you replaced all of the light bulbs in your house you could save an average of £55 on your annual energy bill, plus, ‘bio bulbs’ last longer than traditional bulbs, so you don’t have to replace them as often.

Average Cost: £6 – £12 per light bulb

Average Saving: £3 per bulb, per year


2) Water Tank Jackets

Wrapping up your tank provides insulation, reducing the energy spent keeping your hot water hot by up to 75%. Easy to find and even easier to fit, these inexpensive jackets are available at most local DIY stores and can save you anything between £20 and £130 per year.

Average Cost: £10

Average Saving: £20 to £130 per year


3) Standby Buster

Always forgetting to turn off your TV? Simply attach a Standby plug to the main appliances in your home, link to the remote control handset and voila! You can now switch off your computer, games console or microwave with the click of a button. If you tend to leave your TV on standby, this device is a great way to cut your energy consumption and save up to £40 per year without even leaving the sofa!

Average Cost: £7 – £30

Average Saving: £40 per year


4) Eco Showerdrop

While showers tend to use less hot water than baths (65 litres on average as opposed to 100 litres), Eco Showerdrop’s range of digital flow calculators, aerated nozzles and pulse shower heads can reduce the amount of water you use by up to half, without any additional plumbing. Environmentally conscious consumers can monitor their water usage and save up to £180 per year on water and water heating bills.

Average Cost: £12 – £30 (depending on model)

Average Saving: Up to £180 per year


5) Radiator Insulation Panels

A significant proportion of the heat generated by your radiators is absorbed by the walls behind them, luckily, radiator insulation panels offer a quick fix to this problem. Simply pop a panel behind your radiator to reflect the wasted heat back into the room and cut your heating costs by up to 30%.

Average Cost: £20 per pack of five

Average Saving: Up to 30% off your heating bills


6) Radiator Booster

Similar to radiator insulation panels, this little white tube is designed to sit on top of your radiator, suck up all of the lost heat and then circulate warm air around the room with the help of a small fan. Although the Booster costs slightly more than reflective panels, it does offer greater savings, allowing users to reduce their heating bills by around £140 each year.

Average Cost: £25

Average Saving: £140 per year


7) CombiSmart Boiler Valve

A cheaper, short-term alternative to replacing your boiler, this cost-effective fix makes the most of your existing system by reducing the amount of water that is unnecessarily piped around your house. By only letting water through when it’s hot enough, the handy valve pays for itself within the first year, cutting around £100 from your annual heating bill.

Average Cost: £90

Average Saving: £100 per year


8) Automatic Radiator Bleeder

A regularly serviced radiator is the key to an efficient central heating system. As well as saving you the messy job of having to bleed your radiator manually, this handy little dial automatically releases the built-up air in your system, leaving only hot water and reduced energy bills.

Average Cost: £8 – £21


9) Energy Monitor

While they don’t offer instant savings, these small devices can improve energy efficiency, by helping you to identify areas where you can save money and energy. There are tons of models on the market, but standard features include measuring your energy consumption, logging which appliances cost the most and even tracking how much money you save through energy efficiency measures.

Average Cost: £30 – £100


10) OWL Intuition-h Online Heating and Hot Water Control

Whether you want to pop the heating on an hour before you head home, dial it down on a hot day or turn it off completely, this cutting-edge piece of technology gives you total remote access to your heating and hot water. Simply sign in to your online dashboard, or download the app and you can alter temperatures, set heating schedules and monitor your energy use on the go.

Average Cost: £220



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 Source: Energy Saving Trust



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