The Gas Safe Register: What Is It?

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What is the Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe Register is the official registration body for the UK, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, where engineers who are qualified to work legally and safely on gas appliances such as cookers, boilers, fires etc, are recorded. By law, gas heating engineers must be registered. The Gas Safe Register replaced Corgi registration and acts as a national inspection body to identify people working illegally on gas appliances. It also provides help and advice to owners of gas appliances and technical information for gas heating engineers.

Why should I use a Gas Safe Engineer?

If you are ever in the situation of needing an emergency heating engineer MyBoilerService can provide you with a local engineer quickly and at a great competitive price. It is a legal requirement to use Gas Safe Engineers and, by doing this you are offered protection against unsafe gas work. Using unqualified and unregistered engineers could result in badly fitted appliances that may cause gas leaks, explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning. Other reasons to use a qualified gas engineer include:

  • Engineers have to renew their qualifications regularly to ensure they are up to date on the latest technology and regulations.

  • All qualified Gas Safe Engineers will carry an identification card with a unique license number so that you can check they are qualified to carry out the work you require. Be aware that not all engineers are qualified for all types of gas work. It should state on their Gas Safe Register identification card what they are qualified to do.

  • Engineers have their work inspected by the Gas Safe Register who conduct regular checks to make sure standards are maintained, regulations are followed and the work is safe.

  • The Gas Safe register has its own complaints procedure that members of the public can use to report an engineer they are not happy with. This helps to maintain quality.

  • Engineers have access to training materials and information from the Gas Safe Register to ensure they can keep their skills up to date.

You can check whether an engineer or company is registered here and find out more about the importance of the Gas Safe Register at the ROSPA website. All MyBoilerService participating suppliers are Gas Safe Registered and we regularly check to make sure their registration is current.


Is it compulsory to use a Gas Safe Engineer?


The answer to this question does depend on the type of appliance.


  • Gas Boilers/AGAs - Must be installed, serviced and repaired by a qualified and registered boiler engineer.

  • Gas fires - Must be installed and repaired by a qualified and registered engineer.

  • Gas cookers and hobs - Must be installed and repaired by a qualified and registered gas heating engineer.


If you are looking for an engineer to service or repair your boiler or AGA, get a quote online today at MyBoilerService.





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