How Much Does a Combi Boiler Service Cost?

Gas and Oil Combi Boiler Service Costs

Combi boilers account for over half of all new boiler installations in the UK and are available for both gas and oil fuel supplies. You can easily identify if you have a combi boiler as they don’t have a water cylinder and heat water on demand.

Why should you get your combi boiler serviced?

It is highly recommended that you get your combi boiler serviced annually as this will:

  • Help ensure your boiler is reliable during peak demand periods by maintaining components and identifying serious faults before they cause a break down. 
  • Ensure your boiler is safe and not emitting deadly carbon monoxide.
  • Improve the efficiency of your combi boiler and make sure it costs less to run.

What affects the cost of a combi boiler service?

What you pay for a combi boiler service will depend on whether you have a gas or oil boiler. Typically oil combi boilers cost a little more to service. Another factor that will affect a combi boiler service cost is competition from boiler engineers in your local area. If there are a lot of companies offering boiler servicing, competition will be higher and generally prices will be lower. Customers in rural areas where boiler engineers have to travel further may also find combi boiler servicing costs more than it would in a city due to the increased transportation costs
You should always be wary of very cheap combi boiler service prices as this may be offered because the engineer is not registered. If you have a gas combi boiler you should make sure your boiler Engineer is Gas Safe Registered and for Oil, they should be OFTEC registered.  Check out our blog on illegal gas fitters for more information and how to check their registration. Prices do very considerably so to find a combi boiler service cost for your specific post code you can click on “Get Quote” at the top of the page. 



What is included in a combi boiler service?

A combi boiler service will vary slightly between a gas and oil boiler but in general the following will be covered:
  •  A visual inspection of the boiler to look for any potential problems and make sure the boiler installation complies with current legislation.
  • A firing test to make sure the boiler is functioning correctly.
  • A internal inspection of key components e.g. heat exchanger, burner.
  • A flue check to make sure it is not blocked and is providing adequate ventilation of gases. 
  • Flue gas analysis to check for deadly carbon monoxide.
  • Cleaning of the case and boiler parts if required. 
You should also receive a service report to detail the work that has been done. 
More Information
To find out more about Gas Safe registration visit the Gas Safe website.
To find out more about OFTEC registration visit the OFTEC website



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