Do You Need to Replace Your Boiler?


With energy efficiency becoming increasingly important and the fact that your domestic boiler is responsible for the majority of your fuel bills, a question that is commonly asked is “do I need a boiler replacement?” Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always a simple yes or no and does depend on a number of factors. 

Questions to ask if you are considering a boiler replacement.


  • How efficient is your existing boiler? You can check this by going to the boiler efficiency database and finding your boiler type. If you find your boiler has an efficiency of 80% of higher, you aren’t really going to save a lot on replacing it with a new one.
  • Has your boiler been well maintained? If you have had your boiler serviced regularly and it is a relatively efficient model, you may not need to replace it. A well maintained boiler will be more efficient than one that hasn’t been looked after and more reliable.Do you need a boiler replacement?
  • Is your boiler reliable? If you are finding that your boiler is becoming increasingly unreliable it may be time to replace it with a new model. However, if you haven’t serviced it, this may be the first thing to do.
  • Does your boiler cost a lot to repair? If you are finding that when there are problems with your boiler that it is becoming increasingly costly to repair or parts are getting difficult to find then a replacement may be the best way to go.
  • Can I get help paying for a replacement boiler? You may be eligible for a free boiler if you are on a low income and claim certain benefits. The Energy Company Obligation scheme is designed to help low income households become more fuel efficient and reduce fuel poverty. Read more information about the Energy Company Obligation. If you don’t qualify for the Energy Company Obligation, you may still be able to get a grant for a replacement boiler that you can pay back over time through The Green Deal.
  • Have your personal circumstances changed since you last had your boiler installed? It may be that the last time you had a new boiler you had all the children at home but now they’ve left home, do you need such a big boiler and something that can cope with lots of people using the hot water at the same time? You might be able to install a smaller, more efficient boiler that actually works better for your existing circumstances.
  • Do I just need to upgrade the controls? It may be that your boiler is fine but with an upgrade to the controls, you can make your central heating more efficient. This will be cheaper than replacing the boiler and give you a more controllable system. 
  • How old is your existing boiler? If it is older than 15 years you probably would make savings by having it replaced but it really depends on the type of boiler it is, particularly how efficient and how well it has been looked after.

If after considering the above you do find that you need to replace your boiler then you will be looking at approximately £2500 for the boiler and installation (this will vary depending on the system you choose, the size of the boiler, the fuel type and the supplier). However, you could save up to £310 a year in your fuel bills* with a new boiler. 


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* Data from The Energy Saving Trust


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