15 Top Tips for Maintaining Your Boiler


Boiler Maintenance tips to help prevent boiler breakdowns

There are a lot of factors that affect how your boiler operates, so while booking an annual service with an OFTEC or Gas Safe registered engineer can help you to reduce the chance of breakdowns, errors or other issues, it may not be able to eliminate them completely.

Luckily, there are several other things that you can do throughout the year, to make sure your boiler is working safely and efficiently, which may also help you to avoid unnecessary emergency call-outs between services.

Check out our top maintenance tips to keep your boiler in great condition, all year round!


 Top 15 Boiler Maintenance Tips


  1. Regular servicing is the key to a happy boiler - have your boiler serviced annually by a Gas Safe or OFTEC registered engineer to make sure that it is running safely and efficiently.  

  2. If you have a pressurised system, check the pressure regularly and (if required) adjust it so that it matches the recommended readings in your boiler manual.

  3. In the summer, run your central heating for 10-15 minutes each month to prevent the pumps from seizing up.

  4. Test your central heating timer to make sure that it is working correctly.

  5. Regularly inspect your boiler for any signs of leaks or damage.

  6. Make sure that your boiler condensate pipe is correctly lagged, to stop it from freezing during cold weather.

  7. Check your boiler for sooty black marks, which could indicate a combustion problem. If you notice any, contact a qualified engineer immediately.

  8. Bleed your radiators regularly to remove excess air from your central heating system.

  9. Check that there is adequate ventilation around your boiler. If your boiler is located in a cupboard, keep the area around it clear of clutter.

  10. Check that all external vents, flues and air bricks are clear.

  11. If you can see the pilot light in your boiler, make sure that it has a strong blue flame (if you have a gas boiler). If the flame is yellow or smoky you should report the problem to an engineer immediately.

  12. Flush your boiler twice a year with clean water. You may also want to consider using a descaler.

  13. If you have an oil boiler, check your oil levels regularly. If you run out of oil, your system may suck sludge and debris from the bottom of the tank into the pipes, damaging your boiler.

  14. Keep a copy of your boiler manual close to hand. If you do not have a copy of your manual, contact the manufacturer or check their website.

  15. Make sure that you have a Carbon Monoxide detector installed in the same room as your boiler and test it at least once a month.


Boiler Issues? Our Speedy Repair Service Won't Leave You in the Cold!  

By looking after your boiler between annual services you could prevent breakdowns, expensive maintenance costs and repair call outs. However, if any boiler issues do arise, you should always contact a qualified engineer as soon as possible.

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