Avoiding Boiler Breakdowns

Avoid boiler breakdowns by servicing your oil or gas boiler regularly

Boiler breakdowns are not as uncommon as you may think. A recent survey by Saga Home Emergency Service found that more than a quarter of people they surveyed had suffered a boiler breakdown in the last five years. The financial impact on a household can be significant with the average boiler repair costing approximately £400.  Saga reported that one in ten over 50’s ended up spending more than £1500 to repair or replace their boiler. In a similar survey, uSwitch reported that approximately 20% of households experienced a boiler breakdown in 2012 with their average repair bill coming in at £314.


How can I prevent boiler breakdowns? 

The easiest and most cost effective step to help avoid boiler breakdowns is to have your boiler serviced regularly. This isn’t just hype by the industry to make you spend money unnecessarily, a boiler service will check your boiler us functioning correctly and identify any potential issues BEFORE they cause a breakdown.  An interesting statistic that may convince you of this is that the age group most likely to suffer with boiler breakdowns is people aged 35-44 who are also the age group that are least likely to have their boiler serviced regularly.

Not only will a boiler service make sure your boiler is more reliable, it will also make sure it is safe. The engineer will check for carbon monoxide emissions.


But my boiler is relatively new so I don’t have to worry about boiler breakdowns.

Wrong! A survey done in 2011 by Which? Found that of the people they surveyed, 46% of oil or gas boilers that had been installed in the last six years had experienced a fault.


It’s too expensive to have my boiler serviced!

Boiler services can cost as little as £50. You may even be able to find it cheaper than that in certain parts of the country. Check MyBoilerService.com for a quote from local, qualified engineers in your postcode area. A planned £50 spend per year is certainly a lot easier to swallow than an unexpected repair bill of £400.  Besides, £50 is a small price to pay to ensure your family is safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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